Where do I go to access an online exam?
Once you have purchased a bundle, either click on the link on the home page of this website or follow the
instructions in the syllabus.

If I buy the download version do I have to take the exam online?
 No. The download version allows you to download the course from our website and either complete the
exam online or complete the paper exam answer sheet included and fax or email your answer sheet to TaxEase.

If I order the printed material can I take the exam online?
Yes. Once you have purchased a bundle, either click on the link on the home page of this website or follow
the instructions in the syllabus.

Do I fax or email anything to TaxEase if I take the exam online?
No. TaxEase will report your continuing education from  the online exam. Make sure that your PTIN and
CTEC number are correct in your online account profile.

Will TaxEase provide the answers to the questions I have missed?
  TaxEase provides the answers to the incorrect questions upon successful passage of the exam, if the
exam is taken “Online”. Incorrect answers will not be provided on exams submitted by fax or email.

If I don't have a PTIN, can I still prepare tax returns for compensation?
No. You must have a PTIN to prepare tax returns for compensation. You must have a PTIN on your
Personal Information Form or in your Online Profile for TaxEase to grade your test. Both CTEC and the IRS
require a PTIN.  Refer to

What are the CTEC continuing education requirements?
CTEC requirements for 2018 includes 15 hours of federal education and 5 hours of CA education.
TaxEase Bundle includes 2 hours Ethics, 3 hours Federal Tax Update, 10 hours Federal Tax Law and
5 hours California Tax Law which meets this requirement

Does the TaxEase 20-hour continuing education for CA preparers qualify for the IRS Voluntary Annual Filing Season
Yes. Return preparers who are active members (and meet their annual continuing education requirements) of
the Oregon Board of Tax Practitioner and/or the California Tax Education Council are exempt from any additional
testing to receive the "Record of Completion.” TaxEase will add your continuing education to your PTIN account.

What is the grading procedure for completed paper final exams?
Fax or email the Personal Information Page and Exam Answer Sheet to TaxEase. Passing score is 70% for
each course section. All sections of the course must be completed when the paper exam is sent to Taxease for
grading. After successful completion TaxEase will notify the IRS (PTIN required) & CTEC (if applicable) and will email
the student a certificate. We do not accept mailed answer sheets.

Can I renew with CTEC online?
TaxEase will add your name to the CTEC student roster and then you are required to complete
your registration on CTEC's website. Online registration begins August 1, 2018 for the 2018/2019 registration

What is the deadline for renewing with CTEC?
CTEC registration is due October 31st, 2018. CTEC will charge a $55 late fee if you do not renew your
registration by that date. If you fail to renew by January 15, 2019 you will be subject to completing a 60 hour qualifying
education course. NOTE: You are not registered with CTEC until you have paid your CTEC registration annually. This
must be done after your education is reported by TaxEase.

Do I Have to Renew My PTIN?
PTIN's must be renewed annually by December 31st.
Check the irs.gov/taxpros  for additional information.

Does TaxEase offer a 60 Hour Qualifying Education Course?
TaxEase only offers Continuing Education.
Self-Study Education
for the Tax Professional
Self-Study Education
for the Tax Professional
Self-Study Education
for the Tax Professional
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TaxEase is confident that the student will find
the information informative and helpful to
their practice. If the student is not satisfied
with our course:

  • A full refund will be issued at request
    within 30 days of the date ordered and
    prior to submission for grading.

No refund of our 2018 courses purchased
after December 31, 2018 will be issued.
Education for the Tax Professional
TaxEase, LLC
2018 Frequently Asked Questions
30 Day Refund Policy
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This is an intermediate course,
designed for seasoned tax preparers,
who have the basic knowledge of tax.

  • TaxEase objective is to:
  • Provide continuing education for
    seasoned tax preparers.
  • Provide the student with
    comprehensive learning
    material, including examples and
    interactive questions and
    answers to assist in the learning
  • Give an update and review of
    current tax matters.
  • Supply material that will give a
    wealth of information for use as
    a reference.
  • Meet all the requirements for a
    CTEC registered tax preparer
  • Meet all IRS voluntary continuing
    education requirements to
    receive an IRS Record of